It all began as a love story of two unique souls who are passionate about everything YUMMY … such as scrumptious exotic fruit, exquisitely beautiful environments and joyful connective experiences with remarkable people.

“The Yum” is a vibe you feel upon entering our estate…

Our property is a community hub for cool people who are creating a thriving world for the future of humanity.

We cultivated a romantic spiritual sanctuary to celebrate love, passion and connection.

The estate invokes an immersive holistic healing experience for our guests.

It inspires a blissful, grounded and insightful state of mind.

Guests often have profoundly positive life-changing experiences when they visit.

There is something tangibly magical about this land.

But most of all, the Sanctuary of Yum is our HOME!

It is our honor to share our dream come true with you…

~ Laurence & Julie

Our Values

To build a regenerative, luxurious homestead in balance with nature.

To live a passionate, healthy, active and mindful life.

To enjoy freedom, creativity, comfort and abundance.

To be a safe space for vulnerability, transformation and healing.

To encourage playful, authentic self-expression.

To create a life of beauty and leave a legacy of love.

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Our love story…

We had our first date on Spring Equinox in 2015 and have been inseparable ever since.

After living by the beach in Encinitas, California, we had a vision of creating an “eco-mansion homestead” where we could grow our own food, host epic gatherings and facilitate transformational experience for the local community.

We had been shopping for our dream home for over 2.5 years, as we had a very specific vision of an estate that would serve our lifestyle and desire to contribute to the community.

In February 2021, in the middle of the Pandemic, we purchased this property out in Bonsall… a small town located 10 miles east of Oceanside, California in northern San Diego County.

Two weeks after getting the keys to our new home, we decided to elope and got married in our backyard on a gorgeous Spring Equinox afternoon.

Since then we have been rehabilitating the aging orchards, planting organic vegetable and herb gardens, raising animals (worms, honey bees, chickens, koi and our dog, Zen) and building a mind-blowing eco-resort in our backyard.

The journey to build a world-class sanctuary came with many growth opportunities, challenges and learning curves, yet with tenacity, patience and lots of love we can now enjoy the fruits of our labors.

We are delighted to share the results with our community so YOU can relax in the magic and rejuvenation our estate can offer.

Reach out to us if you are interested in being our guest for a private retreat at the Sanctuary of Yum!

History of the Estate

Situated on 5 acres nestled between the rolling hills of the rural community of Bonsall, California (population 4,200), this estate was originally built in 2003 with a 6000 s.f. residential home as part of the Aquacate Ranch development.

Previously this property was part of Rancho Carmago, a large avocado farm that sprawled across 140 acres growing primarily Hass variety during the big avocado boom of the 1970s. Our plot was planted in 1983 and many of the original trees still thrive on our hillside.

Indigenous communities inhabited this area as early as 12,000 years ago, using this lush landscape for big game hunting and later agriculture and seasonal camps along the San Luis Rey River.

The Ata’axam people lived here up to the early 1800s until their community was destroyed by the Spanish missionaries and Californio rancheros.

We recognize the original people who tended to this land for millenia and are honored to be stewards of this remarkable property.

Regeneration of the Organic Farm

Upon purchase of the property, our vision was to revive the neglected and aging orchards into a thriving organic farm with luscious gardens so people can connect to nature and source yummy food from our land.

Over the years we have completely refurbished the irrigation, roads, drainage, pond, chicken coop, solar power grid and greenhouse updating our agriculture systems to more efficient modern technology.

As of 2024 we have planted 150 new avocado trees and added more diversity to the grove (Hass, Bacon, Reed and Carmen) along with 75 other exotic fruit trees and stone fruit.

The landscaping throughout the property has been lovingly redesigned and planted by us, adding 30 additional unique palm trees, colorful ornamentals, medicinal herbs and hundreds of cut flowers scattered throughout the estate.

We are working towards our official California Organic Certification while maintaining all natural, chemical-free regenerative farming methods so that this land will feed families for generations and contribute to healthy agriculture systems that are sustainable for the environment.

Currently we sell exotic fruit gift boxes and gourmet products on our Etsy store.

Locals can pick up seasonal fruit boxes such as avocados, peaches, pomegranates, persimmons, passion fruit and other exotics.

We also collaborate with non-profits that supply local food banks with our organic bumper crops and provide wholesale produce to small farms, restaurants and caterers.

Creating a Wellness Sanctuary

With 5 acres to play with, we wanted to transform the backyard into an immersive space for our guests to relax into the awe and wonder of nature, creating a variety of chill spaces, gardens and gathering zones surrounded by our exotic orchards.

After 3+ years of construction, the backyard has become a jaw-dropping gorgeous wellness sanctuary by day and a psychedelic LED-lit playground by night.

Acting as general contractor, our founder Laurence Abrams headed the buildout of the hardscape, guiding our team of Oaxacan stonemasons, Hungarian woodworkers and local vendors to bring our vision to life.

Our magazine-worthy estate is highlighted by the Dragon’s Den Spa with antique hand-carved entry doors from Bali flanked by tiki torches and flags that open up to a shaded redwood deck with a sunken cedar hot tub, cold plunge, barrel sauna, bathhouse and easy access to our saltwater pool.

Taking the steps up to the Meditation Gardens flanked by the Mother Tree and the Meditation Pagoda, you approach the Ritual Labyrinth designed by founder Julie Avena using Bati Sikat stepping stones imported from Bali positioned in the cardinal four directions to use for walking meditations and group rituals.

After the original backyard pond had failed, we collaborated with Mat LcLeod of San Diego Ponds who built us an extraordinary water landscape as a habitat for our 8 koi fish and native wildlife.

The Terraced Gardens with hand-built rock walls, statue nooks and massive Farm Stage arbor took two years to build, along with numerous pathways, boardwalks, garden beds and retaining walls throughout the property.

We invite guests to join us and enjoy the amenities when you enroll in one of our private wellness programs, vacation stays or invite-only gatherings.

Balinese Statues & Mexican Artwork

As passionate global travelers, we are enthralled by visiting ancient sacred sites around the world and enjoy supporting local artisans by purchasing artwork to decorate our home.

Balinese Statues

During a trip to Bali, Indonesia for our honeymoon in 2022, we felt a deep connection to their beautiful culture, nature-honoring rituals, extraordinary artwork and spiritual way of life.

After making friends with the locals, attending their rituals and meeting with artisans, we made a bold decision to import a collection of vintage hand-carved statues, doors, benches, artwork and ritual items to decorate and activate our estate.

We practice yogic philosophy as a path of spirituality and self-realization (which has its roots in ancient teachings that predate Hinduism) and find meaningful connection to the symbolism of the deities and their mythological origins.

These remarkable statues serve as inspiration and contemplation tools to achieve a state of inner peace through the integration of body, mind and soul during our retreats and are the spiritual heart of the Sanctuary of Yum.

Mexican Artwork

We also have a deep love for Mexican culture, often visiting friends, traveling on vacation, going on supply runs and exploring the diverse countryside of our North American neighbors.

Throughout the property you may notice touches of Mexican art in the Talavera tile work, wrought-iron and glass light fixtures, vintage doors and pottery.

Our team of master stonemasons from Oaxaca, Mexico are to take credit for the exceptional construction of the hand-built stone walls and terraces using local rock sourced around the corner from our property.

The Casita de Yum showcases our robust collection of Mexican folk art including rustic hand-carved mesquite furniture, woven textiles, pottery, vintage doors with San Miguel (St. Michael), photography, art books and dining ware.

Our retreat guests can stay in the Casita de Yum and request a tour of our art collection during your stay.

Contact us if you would like to visit and explore our collection!

Meet the Founders

Laurence Abrams

Laurence Abrams is a serial entrepreneur, Wim Hof Method Instructor and general contractor who offers business mentoring, cold therapy and mindset practices to unlock your success.

Taking over his family business 35 years ago, he grew the organization from 150 employees to 1500 and created a successful exit with massive amounts of entrepreneurial wisdom along the way.

He also built a software company, ClientPoint.net, a business relationship management tool.

His hobbies include handstand training, riding his tractor around the farm, taking long ice baths, global travel, cooking and playing with his dog, Zen.

Julie Avena

Julie Avena is a meditation teacher, intimacy coach and medicine woman inspiring people to optimize their spiritual practices and improve mental health.

With over 35 years of experience in the metaphysical healing arts, she is certified as a Shamanic Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist (CCH), Neo-Tantra Educator (CTE), Kundalini Yoga Teacher (KRI), Plant Medicine Integration Guide and Trauma-Informed Somatic Bodyworker.

Her hobbies include DJing, arranging flowers from the garden, talking to plants, burlesque dancing and visiting sacred sites around the world with her hubbie.

We are passionate about helping individuals and couples create legendary lives.

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