The Sanctuary of Yum tends to 3 acres of exotic food forests surrounding our home with over 75 varieties of fruit trees using organic farming methods.

Our Organic Food Forest Includes…

  • NHass, Reed, Carmen & Bacon Avocados
  • N Red & Blond Pomegranates
  • NFuyu Persimmons
  • NPassion Fruit, Figs & Cherimoya
  • N4 Varieties of Bananas
  • N8 Varieties of Oranges, Lemons & Limes
  • N8 Varieties of Peaches
  • N7 Varieties of Plums & Nectarines
  • N7 Varieties of Apples
  • NCherries, Pears & Apricots
  • NBlack Mulberry Trees
  • NGuavas, Mangoes & Papayas
  • NJujube & Loquats
  • NIce Cream Bean and Peanut Butter Tree
  • N5 Varieties of Pecans & Macadamia Nut
  • NSugar Cane & Coffee

Get Involved

Non-Profit Collaborations

Non-Profit Collaborations

We donate part of our harvest to local food banks and organizations that assist in feeding the local community. Contact us if your organization wants to collaborate with The Yum.

Wholesale Produce

Wholesale Opportunities

Our produce is available for purchase to local farms, restaurants, private chefs and caterers. Let us know if you want to offer our exotic fruit through your business, service or organization.

Avocado Orchard

Community Work Parties

Want a taste of regenerative farming and experience the joy of dirt under your fingernails? We occasionally host community work parties to help in the orchard or build infrastructure.

Want to shop at our Exotic Orchard Boutique in Bonsall, CA and pick up some fresh fruit and gifts?

We accept visitors by appointment only (ideally with 24 hour notice) and offer discounts on bulk fruit orders with local pick up.

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Visitors accepted by appointment only

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